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2011 Mobile Broadband Rental Review 
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+ Simple no hassle shipping with prepaid return envelopes.

+ Excellent customer support for installation/support of devices with a quick response time and follow up.

+ Choice of 4G & 3G broadband cards and mobile hotspots.

+ Unlimited Mobile Broadband (No Data Caps)



Devices only available on one network (Sprint).

Website could be more user-friendly.

Mobile hotspots are more expensive than other rental providers.



Whether or not you use will depend on the device you’re renting and how long you rent for.

If you’d simply like a USB broadband card, then you’ll be able to get a good price especially if you rent weeks or a month at a time.

When it comes to mobile hotspots however, whether you overspend or save money will be based on how you use it.

On the surface, AirCard Rental may appear to be more expensive than other rental companies in this category. However, if you need to use the device for a small family or business team, then the unlimited mobile broadband may justify a higher price since overage charges from other providers may end up being more expensive if you go over their prescribed limit.

To get the most value for money, get a USB broadband card if renting for just yourself. If you use a lot of data and need it for multiple people, then get a mobile hotspot (4G may be worth it if in the right coverage area).

Sounds like your cup of tea? Try out here.

Before you do, I always recommend that you see how they stack up against the competition in the Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison.

Disclosure: While provided these devices as a courtesy, they did not solicit or pay for any form of favorable review.

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