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2011 Mobile Broadband Rental Review


Since uses Sprint devices, you’ll have access to 3G & 4G Speeds:


For the most part, I’ve found Sprint’s speeds to be within the advertised claims. What they don’t mention here is that uploads are up to 1 Mbps (not entirely lightning speed).

Whether or not this matters to you depends on how you use the internet.

If you mostly download information then it’s not much of a problem. If you upload or send a lot of information then it can become a limiting factor.

For most people though, this should be fine.

Here’s the kind of speed I got after setting up a Sprint 4G Overdrive from

The Speed Test Starts at 2:53. Before that, I cover how to setup the 4G Overdrive.

No Data Caps

All come with unlimited data no cap at 5 GB ( most providers cap the
unlimited data at 5g , we do not, its really unlimited)

Andre Alioua
Go Wireless LLC

That’s extremely useful to know since overage charges can run you $51.20 per gigabyte or more depending on the carrier.

Coverage: 3G & 4G

Sprint 4G covers nearly 40 million people and counting.

Also, 3G coverage is available nationwide (though notably not in ‘fringe areas’). If you’re interested in a 4G device from, you’ll definitely want to check coverage where you plan to use it first.

Click the picture below to launch a quick 4G coverage checker by city:


For more detailed 3G and 4G coverage, see the Sprint 3G/4G Coverage review.

Next, see the 3G/4G Rentals you can get.

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