Wireless Broadband on Bullet Trains & Buses

Woke up this morning with the daily routine. Log into Google Reader to answer one ever perplexing ever relevant question:

What’s happening?

Sometimes I feel like going all Deepak Chopra with it and ask:

What’s really happening?

Well, our friends across the pond who are always getting everything technological before us are getting Wireless Broadband on bullet trains. Convenient stuff eh? …but wait a minute here. In the sleepy capitol of Florida, we’ve got WiFi on certain bus routes. I feel so technologically advanced! Thing is, I don’t think I’d ever be on a bus to really make any good use of it though. Bus rides don’t get too long around these parts.

Well, I suppose it’d be handy if I wanted to use WiFi on my phone instead of 3G. It’s faster I suppose.

Guess we’re not always so behind huh?


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