WiFiRents Mobile Broadband Rental Plans & Prices

WiFiRents Plans & Prices
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WiFiRents’ mobile broadband plans are not the cheapest of the bunch but they are definitely the simplest to understand:

Mobile Broadband Rental Rates
Weekly Rates Monthly Rates
1 Week $99 2 Month $330
2 Week $159 3 Month $475
3 Week $179 4 Month $625
4 Week $189 5 Month $750

To see how this compares to other providers, check out the Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison

All orders include free UPS 3 day shipping for delivery & return (faster options are available). If you need the equipment for a longer period of time, it will get priced at a daily rate provided. As expected, longer rentals have lower daily rates.

That’s the official stuff.

Renting mobile broadband is like renting a hotel. If you do it for a week to 4 weeks it’s not so bad.

However, if you try to ‘live’ in a hotel of mobile broadband for 2 months or more, things get unnecessarily expensive.

Instead of renting a hotel, you should ‘rent the apartment of mobile broadband’ aka prepaid mobile broadband.

If you need mobile broadband for a lengthy period of time but wish to forego a binding contract, then prepaid mobile broadband will be much cheaper. While even longer term rates for 7 months and more ($125/month) are available, it doesn’t make financial sense. Go for prepaid instead

There is a 5 Gigabyte cap (per month).

What’s more is that your data cap is prorated based on the week. Therefore, if you rent for 2 weeks, you’ll have a data cap of 2.5 GB. For one week, your limit will be 1.25 GB. While there are no overage charges, service is shut off until the next monthly cycle if you go over the limit.

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