WiFiRents | 2011 Mobile Broadband Review


WiFiRents.com allows you to rent mobile broadband cards and mobile hotspots or activate your own device and buy data access from them when you need it.

Like other mobile broadband rental companies, order and delivery is simple and convenient. Naturally, convenience also means a higher price tag when compared to prepaid or postpaid mobile broadband.

Unfortunately, not much has changed at WiFiRents since their 2010 and 2009 review .

This may increasingly become a thorn in prospective renters’ eyes as other companies begin to rent newer 4G devices.

Here I’ll cover:

  1. How It Works
  2. Speed & Coverage
  3. Devices You Can Rent
  4. How Much It Costs
  5. Should You Get It?

Let’s get right to it:


How WiFiRents Works

Like most mobile broadband rental companies, WiFiRents.com works in 4 steps:

  1. Order Your Broadband Card or Mobile Hotspot.
  2. Receive in your mail via FedEx, UPS or USPS.
  3. Install the software, plug in your broadband card or if using a mobile hotspot, just turn it on and put in the password.
  4. Return it via an included prepaid mailing envelope.

Here’s a video of what it’s like to receive a mobile broadband device from a mobile broadband rental company.


WiFiRents 3G Speed & Coverage


Since WiFiRents.com uses Verizon EVDO Rev. A and AT&T devices, you’ll have access to 3G speeds and coverage respective to each network.

Here’s what to expect with WiFiRents 3G Speed & Coverage.


WiFiRents Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

WiFiRents.com has 3 types of broadband cards and 1 mobile hotspot available to rent. Whether you get a USB broadband card, ExpressCard or PC Card will depend on your laptop.

However, if you get the MiFi 2200, you can bypass any WiFiRents Broadband Card issues.


How Much Does WiFiRents Cost?


How much you’ll pay depends on the device you get and how long you rent it for.

For the most part, there are two price levels. One for broadband cards and a higher price for mobile hotspots.

Here’s how they compare.



Looking For a Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how they match up to other mobile broadband rental companies, check out the Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison.

It may help put things in perspective when you see what all of your options are whether you plan to use it regularly or occasionally.

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