Category: Postpaid Mobile Broadband

Postpaid mobile broadband usually has discounted equipment and 2 year contracts. In some cases, they have better 3G coverage, 3G speed and a greater variety of devices.

AT&T 3G Speed | 2009

While AT&T 3G speed is advertised as ‘the nation’s fastest 3G network’, they also seem to have the most data outages.

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AT&T 3G Plans | 2009

While AT&T 3G plans fall into 3 categories, most people will end up with the 5 GB Laptop Connect plan.

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Alltel Customer Service Review | 2008

While Alltel Customer Service would have you believe you can come and get your love, not everyone’s gotten it. They rank at just about the industry average according to J.D. Power and Associates

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