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Verizon Leaves AT&T in the dust of Phoenix, Arizona

Kevin over at jkOnTheRun decided to run a quick test. Verizon's EVDO vs. AT&T's HSDPA. The no holds barred brawl took place in the dusty sands of Phoenix, Arizona (more like in his air-conditioned hotel room actually).

The mighty warriors who stepped...
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Verizon Mobile Broadband Review

Verizon Mobile Broadband’s strong points are its award winning reliability and customer service. With expanding coverage thanks to an Alltel acquisition, they are positioned to rival Sprint.

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Question of the Day

This question comes from Shar:

"Would any of the cards you have reviewed also work in Ireland and Sweden (I am planning a trip there in August). Thanks - Your site is GREAT!!!"

Thanks for kudos Shar. Feedback is great and appreciation is always welcome. Glad to here you're traveling.

I did a little digging to...
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Alltel’s rolls out faster EVDO Rev. A in Texas

Alltel Road Work
As we spoke about in an earlier post, Alltel is rolling out EVDO Revision A in numerous places. One such recent addition is in Texas. Speeds are expected to go from EVDO Revision 0 speeds of 400-700 kbps to 600-1400 kbps on the downlink. Around double the speed.

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Alltel Upgrading 3G Network to EVDO Rev. A

Falling right on the heels of an announced Verizon-Alltel merger, the 5th largest nationwide carrier has announced that it is upgrading its 3G network from EVDO Revision 0 to EVDO Revision A. Of course that only makes sense to do if they're really talking about merging the networks. To...
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Verizon Wireless 3G network to cover all of North Carolina

Verizon Wireless is investing $75 million dollars into the North Carolina marketplace to make voice and data service better.

"With this investment Verizon reportedly now covers approximately 30,345 square miles across the state". The goal is to cover the entire state of North Carolina.

Seems like a good time for...
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Verizon Wireless Internet Reliability

Verizon Wireless Broadband is run on ‘America’s Most Reliable Network’. Verizon Wireless Internet Reliability ranked highest in overall customer satisfaction for wireless data service.

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