2010 Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans

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Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans
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Verizon Mobile Broadband plans have gone from the widest selection available last year to an even wider variety this year.

Now they have post-paid and prepaid mobile broadband options. Before we get into the nitty gritty details, sip on some cocoa and enjoy the table style summary:

N.B. This review only covers mobile broadband plans for AirCards, Broadband Cards, Mobile Hotspots & 3G Netbooks / Notebooks. Mobile broadband plans for phones are not covered.

Postpaid Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans
Plan Monthly Cost Data Included Overage Charges Cancellation Fee
250 Megabytes $39.99 5 GB of EVDO Rev. A / Unlimited WiFi @ Verizon Hotspots $0.10/MB (or $102.40/GB) for Mobile Broadband Only $175
5 Gigabytes $59.99 5 GB of EVDO Rev. A / Unlimited WiFi @ Verizon Hotspots $0.05/MB (or $51.20/GB) for Mobile Broadband Only $175
Prepaid Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans
Plan Cost Data Included Overage Charges Cancellation Fee
75 MB Plan $15 75 Megabytes for 1 Day None (connection stops working) N/A
250 MB Plan $30 250 Megabytes for 1 Week None (connection stops working) N/A
500 MB Plan $50 500 Megabtes for 1 Month (30 Days) None (connection stops working) N/A
Verizon DayPass $15 Unlimited Usage for 1 Day None (connection stops working) N/A

This review covers Verizon’s post paid mobile broadband plans. If you’re looking for a 3G connection without a contract for occasional use, check out their prepaid mobile broadband plans in detail.

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Postpaid Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans

The 250 MB postpaid plan is intended for users who need mobile broadband regularly but have very light browsing habits. In other words, light web surfing and checking email. In Verizon’s words:

Best for heavy users that:

  • Need a mobile connection 7-8 hours a month
  • Send or receive email with small or no attachments
  • Light Web Browsing
  • Download or upload small files
  • Download a song or two once in a while

– Verizon Website

If you were to let just one major Windows Update happen while browsing, it could easily eat up your entire data limit for the month. Be sure to turn that function off if you’re getting this plan.

You may be able to get more bang for your buck out of the 250 MB plan by relying on Verizon Hotspots if many are available in your area. Since it doesn’t count towards your limit each month, you could stretch your MB’s a little further.

Be sure to keep a close eye on your usage since $102.40 per gigabyte in overage is no joke. At that rate, you might as well have gotten the 5 GB plan.

Verizon 5 GB plan has been a stable for years. Gone are the carefree days of unlimited mobile broadband usage. Maybe when LTE gets rolled out by the end of they year we’ll see a return of such fanciful ideas.

For now, you’ll have 5 Gigabytes to play with along with unlimited Verizon Hotspot usage via WiFi. Verizon describes what you can do with this plan as:

Best for heavy users that:

  • Need a frequent mobile connection
  • Send or receive email with large attachments
  • Download or upload large files such as photos
  • Need frequent access to Web sites
  • Download music occasionally

– Verizon Website

Not sure about this whole Gigabyte (GB), Megabyte (MB), Overage conundrum business? Check out “How Much Is 5 GB & Is It Enough?“.

Wireless Broadband Exposed ReadersIt’s part of the Mobile Broadband Buyer’s Guide designed to explain everything you need to know before during and after buying mobile broadband.

A Few But Important Lingering Questions…

Figuring out which of the Verizon mobile broadband plans you’ll need is only part of the puzzle. There’s still a few questions that need answering to figure out if it’s really for you:

  1. How fast is Verizon Mobile Broadband?
  2. Is there Verizon 3G coverage where I am?
  3. What kind of broadband cards, mobile hotspots or 3G netbooks can I get?

First up, we tackle Verizon 3G Speed.

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    Six months ago I purchased an iPad with both cellular and WiFi capabilities. I have not had connectivity with cellular at my home since my purchase. I have called Verizon many times and after six months they tell me my file is closed because they cannot supply connectivity in my area with prepaid. Somehow this seems wrong, to sell me something and then not provide the service and charge me on top of that. Wow, was I naïve.

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