2010 Verizon Mobile Broadband Review

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Verizon Mobile Broadband

Verizon mobile broadband made a strong showing last year and has only improved since then.

This time they bring on board prepaid mobile broadband, the 2nd fastest 3G speeds, potentially the largest 3G network, and a good selection of broadband cards to top it off.

We’d still like to see some solution to the 5 GB cap though (maybe when LTE comes online at the end of 2010).

Verizon Mobile Broadband Plans

Verizon Mobile Broadband PlansWith a variety of postpaid and prepaid plans, Verizon mobile broadband has a 3G plan for just about everyone. Just watch those data caps on the postpaid plans.

Verizon 3G Speed

Verizon 3G Speed TestVerizon 3G speed is second in line right behind AT&T, the “nation’s fastest 3G network”. However, they’re a full 20% more reliable than ‘ma bell’.

Verizon 3G Coverage

Verizon 3G CoverageVerizon 3G Coverage ties with Sprint for the largest mobile broadband network title. One study shows the carriers being within 1 percentage point of each other’s reliability.

Verizon AirCards, Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots

Verizon Broadband CardsThere’s a wide selection of Verizon AirCards, broadband cards and mobile hotspots to choose from. While Sprint has a few more, there’s more than enough here to go around.

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Verizon Prepaid Mobile BroadbandVerizon now offers up prepaid mobile broadband in sizes of 75 MB, 250 MB, & 500 MB.

The astute observer will quickly realize those data sizes were selected and priced specifically not to compete with its flagship postpaid mobile broadband.

Even so, it can save the occasional user money. If you plan to use mobile broadband regularly however, you’re better off with their 5 GB plan.

Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how Verizon mobile broadband compares to other mobile broadband providers, check out the Wireless Broadband Service Comparison.

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  1. M. Pierce says:

    Verizon mobile broadband- grrr! I bought 5 GB from them last night, and this morning I had 0! Their so called tech support clown told me I had used all 5 GB in one night! While I was asleep and my computer was in hibernation, apparently! So now I have to dispute their charge on my credit card, and report them to the BBB. Crooks!

  2. M. Pierce says:

    So I just got off the phone with Verizon customer service, and the agent quickly saw that I hadn’t used up the 5 GB that I had just bought. Apparently a couple of hundred megabytes was all, and she credited these back to my account as well.
    Why a general service rep was more competent at tech than the tech support guy was is anybody’s guess. Well, she made it right, and that’s all I care about.

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