Verizon Customer Service Review

This is the 2008 Review. Click here for the 2009 Verizon Customer Service Review.

The Facts

Verizon customer service leads the industry along with Alltel.

While T-Mobile has had the “Highest Ranked Wireless Customer Service Performance”, Verizon currently has the highest Customer Satisfaction rating for wireless data service (for large enterprise and small/midsize businesses), according to J.D. Power and Associates.

What does this mean for you and me? Think of it like this.

If you have a problem with T-Mobile’s service, you can call them and expect to be treated well and have your problem resolved. With Verizon, you are less likely to even have a problem to begin with.

Major difference. In my book, not having a problem always wins out. Verizon takes the cake here. Besides, they rank highly for performance as well.

The Fine Print

Verizon’s customer service, like other carriers, have their own horror stories. While they rank highly overall, there is still that random chance you’ll have it stuck to you on a customer service call. As far as fine print is concerned, there isn’t much. Reliability and customer service are strong points for Verizon overall.
Read on to compare Verizon customer service with other providers…

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  1. dev s says:

    Verizon has the world’s Bad service i ever hv seen…i called them 2-3 times to disconnecting coz i was moving and they put me hold for hrs an hrs unbelievable man!! i cant believe how can they do this? whose gona recommend their product to Friends n family? i wont go back to Verizon…no customer service at all….

    • kestrel says:

      Thank you all for posting. I have never complained about a company in my life. I am so troubled that I must speak, and am sorry but relieved that I am not the only one outraged. I have used Verizon ever since cell phones were. I figure I have spent over 10,000 with them. Recently I moved to New Mexico from NY, and had to obtain wireless services. I did so through Verizon, but there were complications, admitted by them, that they could not figure out or correct. Therefore, the service did not work – ever. But I had to go back and cancel service which never worked, and have to pay an early termination fee! For breaking a contract. But the reality is the contract is null and void if the service does not work! I have spent days of time and effort to correct it, spoke to countless reps all the way up the line. I will need to pay hundreds to discontinue that contract, and will discontinue phone service as I can not abide by their practices, and will have to pay more, because they are a terrible company. The most disturbing part, is that every “human being” I spoke with, I pleaded with – “Tell me if what I am saying is incorrect, or wrong.” I never get an answer, just a drone response – as if I was speaking with zombies. Logic does not work, they look down at their cue cards and tell you they understand your perspective. But refuse to do anything different. I have never complained about a company in my life, but this has bowled me over – and the reality that they can continue to be so horrific because no one stands up and says how absolutely soul sucking crazy it all is. I have spoken to others in just 24 hours, who are going to discontinue services even though they have to pay. Already their mistreatment of my situation has cost them hundreds of thousands, as my associates have spent what I have and would continue if it were not for their commitment to speaking out against this treatment. The problem is that this company gets away with this because people do not stand up. They made a terrible error with this person, because I have made it a personal mission to expose their practices. I feel sorry for anyone working for them, and hope they wake up to the fact that they are being dehumanized.

  2. chelsey says:

    I just spent 5 hours over the last 4 days on the phone with Verizon customer service trying to get internet. They accidentally disconnected my internet before I moved to my new location, and after explaining my story 15 times over the course of hours, the problem still wasn’t fixed. then, when I moved to my new location, I waited and waited 4 business days for them to turn my internet on, called 3 times, and it still wasn’t on, so I just cancelled!
    Every time I call, I have to wait to talk to someone, then when I finally get a person and tell them my story, they transfer me somewhere else so I have to wait to talk to that person, then have to explain my story all over again, then the same thing happens all over again until hours of my life are taken away!
    Then after all that, they STILL sent me a bill for service at my new address, which was never connected!! So I just spent another hour dealing with that!
    These huge conglomerate corporations are too big to function properly.

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