Verizon 4G Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots | 2011 Review


Since last year, Verizon has three 4G broadband cards and two 4G mobile hotspots. Not counting tablets and smartphones, that brings the 4G LTE line up to 5 devices.

I’ll cover Verizon 4G devices before wrapping up with the best broadband card and best mobile hotspot to hit the road with.


Verizon 4G USB Broadband Cards

The first of the 4G family to hit the shelves was the LG VL600. Being the pioneer, it was essentially just a USB broadband card that could connect to the 4G network while being on the bulky side.

Next up was the UML290.

Here, Pantech’s designers went to work.

With an innovating rotating clockwise shield for the USB connection, you’ll look techno-savvy as you whiz on 4G speeds at your local Starbucks or when you’re with your friends.

In addition to that, the guys at Pantech added external antenna ports for both 3G and 4G antennas, a great plus for users in fringe areas.

While there’s no microSD port, it remains to be the most feature-filled 4G USB broadband card Verizon’s got on the shelves.

While the USB551L is the most recent at the time of this writing, it’s more of an upgrade to the LG VL600 with “proprietary antenna technology” that’s supposed to receive better signals.

As with any new product, time will tell if it stands up to the claim.

Verizon 4G USB  Broadband Card

pantech-uml290-4g-modem verizon-4g-usb-551l lg-vl600-4g-modem

Full Review

Pantech UML290

Verizon USB551L by Novatel Wireless

LG VL600

Video Review

Pantech UML290 Unboxing


LG VL600 Unboxing

Form Factor

3G/4G USB Broadband Card

3G/4G USB Broadband Card

3G/4G USB Broadband Card

External Antenna Jack

3G & 4G antenna ports



Download Speed Potential

5-12 Mbps (4G)

2-5 Mbps (3G)

5-12 Mbps (4G)

2-5 Mbps (3G)

5-12 Mbps (4G)

2-5 Mbps (3G)s

OS Compatibility

Windows® 7,Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, MAC 10.5 and 10.6 with Intel platform and Linux

Windows® 7,Windows® Vista, Windows® XP, MAC 10.4 and higher, Linux

2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7; Mac OS X; Linux

Network Support

3G (EVDO Rev. A)
4G (LTE)

3G (EVDO Rev. A)
4G (LTE)

3G (EVDO Rev. A)
4G (LTE)




Extra Storage



Support Info





Free On The Spot

Available from Verizon for $100

Free On The Spot


Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspots

Verizon 4G mobile hotspot line is already making waves with 2 completely new devices being released simultaneously.

As far as features are concerned, both devices are practically identical with different casing.

The major difference here will be with the Verizon MiFi, with a multiple icon display reminiscent of the original Sierra Overdrive.

Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspot samsung-sch-lc11-4g--lte-mobile-hotspot verizon-mifi-4510l-4g-mobile-hotspot
Full Review Samsung 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot SCH-LC11 Verizon MiFi  4510L by Novatel Wireless
Video Review N/A N/A
Form Factor 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot
External Antenna Jack No No

5-12 Mbps (4G)

2-5 Mbps (3G)

5-12 Mbps (4G)

2-5 Mbps (3G)

OS Compatibility Anything that works via WiFi (computers, phones, game consoles, etc) Anything that works via WiFi (computers, phones, game consoles, etc)
Network Compatibility Verizon 4G LTE / Verizon 3G EVDO Verizon 4G LTE / Verizon 3G EVDO
WiFi Connections Connects up to 5 Devices Connects up to 5 Devices
Extra Storage No No
Price Free On The Spot Coming Soon


Which Device Should You Get?

If you’re in the market for a broadband card, the device of choice is the Pantech UML290.

With 3G/4G capability, 2 antenna ports for better reception with 3G and 4G, compatibility with Windows, Mac and Linux plus a chic design, the only thing missing is a microSD slot.

If you’re in the market for a mobile hotspot, the Verizon MiFi is shaping up to be the flagship mobile hotspot.

Its small, has handy icons on screen for quick glances at vital info and allows you to share extremely fast 4G LTE speeds with up to 5 devices (whether you hog it to yourself or play nice with family or friends is all up to you).

While it’s not available just yet, the 4G LTE Samsung SCH-L11 is available and provides similar functionality.


Get The Samsung SCH-LC11 4G Mobile Hotspot For Free Here




Get The Pantech UML290 For Free Here

Verizon UML290


Also, see how they stack up against the competition in the 2011 Mobile Broadband Comparison.

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  1. Richard says:

    I think you are confusing the Novatel and Samsung MiFi products. The Novatel is the one with the icons on front, not the Samsung. The Samsung just has a couple of multi color LEDs. You even have the pictures swapped. I think you are trying to recommend the Novatel 4510L.

    • Marc says:

      Thanks Richard & M,

      You’re right. I did confuse the two. I appreciate you pointing that out. I’ll be updating in the next 15 mins.

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      Thanks for the headsup. It’s now been updated. I appreciate you.

  3. Tom Long says:

    Would I be able to stream movies through Ruko using a 4G hotspot from Verizon?

  4. Linda Ammons says:

    Does anyone have any idea when the Verizon MiFi 4510 will be available?

  5. Linda Ammons says:

    Any more recent observations about pros and cons of the two mobile 3G/4G hotspots: Verizon MiFI 4510 vs. the Sprint Overdrive Pro? I need to get one very soon and am still waffling. I think that 5G of space will be enough for us, so that is not an issue; I’m most concerned about the reliability of the device and connection.

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