Wrong Move: Sprint Ends 4G Unlimited Mobile Broadband

No More Unlimited Mobile Broadband

Effective November, Sprint is capping 4G data for mobile hotspots. That means no more unlimited mobile broadband. As Gizmodo points out:

there’s basically no reason to pick Sprint’s hotspots over Verizon’s now.”

After all, Verizon 4G speeds crush Sprint’s.

Sprint’s mobile hotspot lineup now looks like this:

$45 | 3 GB

$60 | 5 GB

$90 | 10 GB

The problem here is that it’s 3G/4G data combined.

With overage charges  at 5 cents/MB that’s $51.20/GB. On the flip side, Verizon charges $10 per extra GB. Futhermore, Verizon’s 5 GB plan is $50 and their 10 GB is $80. That’s $10 cheaper in both instances.

That means Verizon now gives you more data, at a higher speed and at a lower price.

It’s not looking good for Sprint.

For full details, see this Sprint page on the change.



  1. Brad says:

    A Sprint chat session claims this is not true. Here are the chat details that pertain:

    You: …….deleted………… I simply want written assurance my 4G data service on my mobile hotspot (Overdrive Card) will not be capped for the duration of my current contract. I believe you gave that assurance but now request you restate it and assure me the company will stand behind your assurance.
    Jean R: Yes, please don’t worry, these changes will not affect your overdrive services. These changes is for mobile hot spot of $29.99 add-on services for phone not for Overdrive.

    “Jean R” went on to explain in other words the same thing. She was confused or confusing because she used the term “Mobile Hotspot” referring to smart phone, her example was the HTC EVO, and the Overdrive mobile hotspot interchangably.

    • Marc says:

      That’s very strange. If you look at last link in the article (hosted on support.sprint.com), it states:

      Data usage limits when using 3G/4G Mobile broadband devices

      “If you have a mobile broadband device such as a tablet, netbook, notebook, USB card, connection card or Mobile Hotspot device, effective beginning with your next bill following notification, your on-network monthly data allowance will no longer include unlimited 4G.”

      Since this was posted just yesterday, maybe she is unaware. The changes for the ‘mobile hotspot add-on’ happened last month and may be the most recent information she has.

  2. Udi says:

    4G broadband connection
    According to what I read on the internet and my own tests, Verizon is two to three times faster and cheaper than Sprint.
    I know that the speed depends on location and signal strength.

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