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Verizon Wireless Broadband Review

Verizon Wireless Broadband’s strong points are its award winning reliability and customer service. With expanding coverage thanks to an Alltel acquisition, they are positioned to rival Sprint.

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Senators talk on 5-year ban on higher cell phone taxes

What does this have to do with Mobile Broadband you say? Just about EVERYTHING!!! I for one and loving this. It's pretty simple. Just about every company that provides mobile broadband is a cell phone company. They view broadband cards as cell phones that can only transfer data and no voice. End result? If...
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Commercial WiMax Launches in September in Baltimore

BaltimoreI'm personally pumped up about this. I have a feeling Sprint may be able to walk the path of light was more...or maybe the path of a matchlight at least. WiMax for the average joe in Baltmore this September. That's just around the corner. What will the pricing be like? It has to be competitive with...
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AT&T has the fastest 3G Network?

While Sprint boasts the largest mobile broadband network, AT&T is claiming the fastest. With investing mega bucks into their 3G network, it was a prediction made at Mobile-Broadband-Reviews.com in their review of networks' speeds. Their footprint continues to increase and by the end of the year, they will be the fastest by far (7.2 Mbps)....
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Verizon Wireless Plans

There are two Verizon wireless plans for mobile broadband (also known as BroadbandAccess). A 50 MB plan for $39.99 as well as 5 GB plan for $59.99

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