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EV-DO | 5 Things To Know

Find out what is EV-DO, how fast it gets, where you can buy cheap EVDO cards and how to get free EVDO cards

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AT&T HP Mini 110 (1050NR)

The HP Mini 110 (1048NR) with AT&T mobile broadband is quite easily the hottest 3G netbook on the market right now.

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AT&T Compaq Mini 110 (1048NR)

The AT&T Compaq Mini 110 is the HP Mini 110 in different clothing. It’s practically the same laptop. Why does it exist? The mystery continues

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Is T-Mobile 3G Coverage Road Warrior Ready?

Since T-Mobile was a late entrant into the 3G battles, it’s only natural to check and see if they have gotten their network ready for real road warriors. Before we get to the answer, let’s look at a few basic facts.

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Slingshot Plans & Prices

Slingshot has an ‘unlimited broadband plan’. However, they state it’s only up to 5 GB. Yup…does not compute.

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Slingshot Broadband Speed

It’s anyone’s guess as to who provides the mobile broadband network that Slingshot runs its service on. They don’t say.

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Slingshot Broadband Cards

The Slingshot mystery continues. While we know that Slingshot offers a USB broadband card, we don’t know the exact make or model.

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Slingshot 3G Coverage

Its unknown what Slingshot 3G coverage is like because we don’t know who owns the network they purchase bandwidth from.

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