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Sprint Mobile Broadband | 2010

Sprint mobile broadband is back with an unlimited mobile broadband plan, expanding 4G coverage & a wide selection broadband cards.

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3G & 4G Sprint Coverage | 2010

Sprint 4G coverage for its 3G network is bigger & more reliable than AT&T. However, its 4G coverage is only available in select areas.

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Sprint 3G & 4G Speed | 2010

Sprint mobile broadband is solid whether you’re crusing on 3G speed (up to 3.1 Mbps) or their newer 4G speeds (up to 10 Mbps).

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AT&T LG USBConnect Turbo Review

The AT&T LG USBConnect Turbo can 16 GB on a microSD slot, download up to 7.2 Mbps & point fit snugly against your laptop vertically or horizontally.

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