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Mobile Broadband Service Reviews

Between postpaid, prepaid and rental providers, there’s an exhaustive list of reviews to choose from unless you already know which carrier you’re checking out. If you don’t already know what provider you’re interested in, check out:

How To Pick The Best Provider

Mobile Broadband Providers

Otherwise browse through the reviews below:


Postpaid Reviews

While postpaid carriers have cheaper equipment, monthly plan costs (if used regularly) and better 3G coverage and better 3G speed, they usually have 2 year contracts. Check out individual reviews as well as comprehensive comparisons.


2010 Wireless Broadband Comparison

Wireless Broadband Reviews

2009 Wireless Broadband Comparison

2008 Wireless Broadband Comparison




2009 Alltel Review

2008 Alltel Review



2010 AT&T Wireless Broadband Review

2009 AT&T Wireless Broadband Review

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Clear 4G WiMAX

2010 Clear 4G Review



2010 Sprint Mobile Broadband Review

2009 Sprint Mobile Broadband Review

2008 Sprint Mobile Broadband Review



2010 T-Mobile Wireless Internet Review

2009 T-Mobile Wireless Internet Review

2008 T-Mobile Wireless Internet Review



2010 Verizon Mobile Broadband Review

2009 Verizon Mobile Broadband Review

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US Cellular

2010 US Cellular 3G Review


Prepaid Reviews

Prepaid mobile broadband providers have no contracts but can more expensive if used long-term and not occasionally. The exception to this rule is Cricket Broadband that is not only cheaper than most post-paid providers but also contract-free.

2010 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison

Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison

2009 Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison


AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband

AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review



Cricket Broadband Review




DataJack Review



Millenicom Review



ReadyBroadband Review



Slingshot Review


Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Verizon Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review

Verizon Daypass Review


Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile Broadband Review




Rental Reviews

2 year mobile broadband contracts aren’t for everyone. Neither is having prepaid wireless broadband hotspots all across the country.

Sometimes, you just need to be able to get online for a couple days while you’re at a business conference, on vacation, or RV’ing across the country on a roadtrip. That’s where mobile broadband rental comes in.


2010 Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison

Mobile Broadband Rental

2009 Mobile Broadband Rental Comparison









DayPass Wireless

DayPass Wireless


Event Radio Rentals

Event Radio Rentals












Mobile Broadband Devices

With 6 options to choose from, finding the best broadband device is like buying a new or used car. It boils down to your taste for style and functionality.

Not sure what to get or just new to it all?

Learn How To Pick The Best Broadband Device

Best Broadband Device

Otherwise, check out individual mobile broadband device reviews.


Broadband Card Reviews

Just as how you’ve got 3 types of broadband devices, there are also got 3 kinds of broadband cards:

1. USB Broadband Cards 

2. ExpressCards 

3. PC Broadband Cards (PCMCIA)

If you don’t have a specific card in mind, it can be a bit much to go through the exhaustive list below. Instead, check out the Broadband Card Comparison for a condensed version.


2010 Broadband Card Comparison

Broadband Card Comparison

2009 Broadband Card Comparison

2008 Broadband Card Comparison



Quicksilver USB Connect

Sierra USBConnect Lightning 305 AirCard

LG USBConnect Turbo

Option USBConnect Velocity



Sierra Wireless AirCard 402

Sierra Wireless 598U Broadband Card

Novatel Merlin C777 2-in1- ExpressCard/PC Card

Novatel Ovation U760 USB Broadband Card

Novatel S720 PC Broadband Card

Sprint U301 3G / 4G WiMAX Card



T-Mobile webConnect

T-Mobile webConnect Jet

T-Mobile webConnect Rocket



Novatel Ovation USB760 Broadband Card


US Cellular

UT Starcom UM175



Retired Models:







Personal Hotspot Reviews

Personal Hotspots get mobile broadband via 3G or 4G signals and then broadcast it via WiFi for you and a couple friends to connect to.


Sprint MiFi 2200 Review

Verizon MiFi 2200 Review

Clear Spot



3G Netbook Reviews

3G Netbooks are basically mini laptops that have mobile broadband chips built-in. For you, that means mobile broadband anywhere you’ve got your laptop.

New to the concept?

Check out:

Why Give A Damn About Mobile Broadband Netbooks?

Mobile Broadband Netbooks

Otherwise, check out the reviews:

HP Mini 1151NR (Verizon)

Compaq Mini 110 (AT&T)

HP Mini 110 (AT&T)


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  1. Tom says:

    Hi, I live in SW Idaho. My carrier is Alltel[Verizon is literally just over the mountain]; I have the choice of either tethering my Quantico phone[current choice]for Internet access with a $30/month Alltel plan[I have a contract for the voice/phone but the tethering is monthly]or using their data plan with aircard or using the Wifi connection at the library. Unfortunately, my card does not have connections for exterior Wifi antenna, so I can’t access Wifi from house[99% of my Internet usage is here at home]. I don’t have DSL, cable, or other choices. If you had to choose a card for an exterior antenna, what would you do? Thanks in advance!

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