Millenicom Prepaid Mobile Broadband Review


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The claim to fame of Millenicom is its prepaid unlimited mobile broadband.

For $70 per month, you’ve got mobile broadband with no contract, deposits or early termination fees. Unlike DataJack, they’ve got multiple mobile broadband plans to choose from and broadband device rent/purchase options.

While it sounds like some sweet gravy on mashed potatoes, there are some important things to consider before hopping on the bandwagon like:

  1. What Mobile Broadband Plans Can You Choose?
  2. How Fast Is It?
  3. Where Can You Get 3G Coverage?
  4. What Devices Can You Get?
  5. How Does It Compare To Other Providers?

Besides the standard review buffet menu, we’ll also touch on anything that looks shady:


Mobile Broadband Plans

millenicom-mobile-broadband-plansOut of 3 mobile broadband plans, the $60 10 GB plan is the most popular. Once upon a time it was the unlimited mobile broadband plan but they’ve done away with the offering.

Between prepaying for prorated charges, next month’s charges, setup fee, device purchase and shipping, getting started can cost up to $255.


Speed & 3G Coverage

millenicom-3g-speed-coverageSince Millenicom resells Sprint mobile broadband, they also inherit their speed & coverage.

So far 80% of users over at DSLReports are give positive reviews.


Millenicom Broadband Card & Mobile Hotspot Review

millenicom-broadband-cardsMillenicom used to offer a wide range of devices but has since limited their offering to one card:

The Ovation MC760.


Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how they match up to other prepaid 3G providers, check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison.

It may help put things in perspective when you see what all of your options are whether you plan to use it regularly or occasionally.

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  1. Gary Mace says:

    I need high speed for my rural mountain home. Tried millenicom. Would not work. Took several weekends of working with customer support before they finally conceeded the device they sent was defective. After I finally got a replacement I was very disappointed to find the speed barely better than dial-up.

    Plus, the cradlepoint router they offer is junk. It sends a decent wireless signal to the room it is in and thats about it.

    Now searching for a real high speed option.

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