How To Find Out Which Cell Tower Serves Your Neighborhood

Find Cell Towers In Your Neighborhood

I recently got an interesting email from a MBR reader wanting to find out what carrier a cell tower in his neighborhood belonged to:

Question: How do you determine what carrier is resident on a neighborhood tower? They just erected and installed antennas on one just 1.28 miles from here and [I] would like to know who will be the carrier.

[I’m] Using a Verizon 3G wireless modem (with external antenna mounted on steel roof) through a Cradlepoint wireless router mounted in the attic.


After some digging, I came across two helpful resources:

  • Antenna Search
  • Cell Reception


Antenna Search

Antenna Search | Search For Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more

AntennaSearch provides you with detailed information (i.e. location, ownership, contact info, etc.) on both towers and antennas. Additionally, we are the only online service that detects newly filed (or pending) tower applications. Because of these features our reports are typically used to:

  • Scan a given area to assess carrier level cell reception.
  • Expand your reception search beyond towers by looking into specific antennas and determining which carriers are located on specific towers.
  • Pinpoint future towers planned for specific areas.
  • and much more…

Antenna Search

While there mapping tool can take up to 30 seconds to load the cell tower results for large areas, you’ll have a wealth of detailed data on your hands.

Antenna Search | Interactive Google Map

Their distinctions between towers (registered and non-registered), antennas, as well as future towers is really handy if you’re looking for detailed info. It’s a great tool for double-checking coverage in your area before buying mobile broadband or your next cell phone.


Cell Reception

Cell Reception | Search For Towers

Cell Reception, while not as meticulous in legend data, has taken AT&T, Sprint, Verizon & T-Mobile cell towers registered with the FCC and plotted them on an interactive Google Map. While every tower that exists isn’t listed, user ratings of towers in any given area also help you to figure out just how good reception in that area is.

Carriers won’t tell you if you’ll get good coverage. And signing up and canceling is a hassle. But you don’t have to live with bad reception!
We have searchable databases of over 151,000 cell towers, and over 61,000 reception comments submitted voluntarily by real users like you who live around your neighborhood.

Search for the best carrier in your area. And then use our tower search to see exactly where the nearest tower is to you — even pinpoint it to the exact rooftop with satellite imagery!

– Cell Reception


Cell Reception | Google Map

While Cell Reception doesn’t show the level of detailed distinctions Antenna Search does, they do allow you to filter results by carrier which is handy if you’re interested in just one of the big players.


Know Some More Useful Resources For Finding Cell Towers?
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  1. Mark says:

    Of the two, Cell Reception is better for those of us who live in rural areas. I used its maps to properly aim my Wilson cell signal-boosting antenna and now, I have 5 bars from the edge of my provider’s service area.

    • Marc says:

      That’s awesome Mark. Do you remember how many bars you had before? It’d be great to see how much the correct aiming of antennas could boost signal strength.

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