Clear 4G | WiMAX Today, LTE Tomorrow

Clear 4G Review | 2011

Since last year’s Clear 4G review, they’ve revamped their plans and pricing, conducted 4G LTE trials for a potential hybrid WiMAX/LTE network, added new cities and updated their 4G device line.

With AT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon all touting 4G networks, they’ll have to step up the pace to stay in the game. From the looks of it, they’re laying the foundation to do just that.

As always, this review will be split into 4 detailed sections:

  1. Clear 4G Plans
  2. Clear 4G Speed
  3. Clear 4G Coverage
  4. Clear 4G Devices


Clear 4G Plans

Clear 4G Plans | 2011

Clear 4G plans can save you $5 or more off identical Sprint 4G plans that run on the same network.

In addition to mobile plans, you can save even more money with home or bundle plans that aren’t available with Sprint.


Clear 4G Speed

Clear 4G Speed | 2011

Clear 4G speed is identical to Sprint thanks to their merger. That means 3-6 Mbps downloading with bursts up to 10 Mbps while up to 1 Mbps uploading.

But that’s on WiMAX.

Recently, Clear’s been flirting with LTE. What did they find? 90 Mbps download speeds that blow Verizon 4G LTE away.


Clear 4G Coverage

Clear 4G Coverage | 2011

Clear 4G coverage is now in 82 cities. That’s only 2 more than their goal for 2010. Why has growth slowed?

Two words:

Power struggle.


Clear 4G Devices

Clear 4G Devices | 2011

The Clear 4G devices’ line boasts an impressive 7 devices. Now, if only the Sierra Overdrive Pro was included.

As it currently stands, there’s no mobile hotspot with 3G connectivity. Fine if you stay in a Clear 4G city but not if you travel.

What should you do?


Looking For A Comparison?

If you’re looking to see how Clear 4G compares to other providers, check out the Mobile Broadband Comparison.



  1. Thomas says:

    Hi Marc,

    Nice to hear that Clear is thinking about LTE. I’ve been using Clear and the 4G connection is very decent. However, I can’t wait to use that blazing fast speed of LTE with unlimited usage. Now that’s a sweet deal!

    Actually, Clear has a 4G+ hotspot device that uses Sprint 3G network if outside the 4G network. I have this device and it works well.

    Thanks again for the update.

  2. Roal says:


    I have had Clear 4g/3g hotspot device now since Dec 2010 after reading your reviews on mobile internet devices. I was very please with the service but have notice that while on 4g the service slows from the first couple of months. I have tried to get Clear to find the problem but yet no luck. Even with that problem I am enjoying the service with unlimited usage. If Clear does go to LTE then the speeds should improve.

  3. Pierre says:

    I tried clear since everything pointed to me getting a good signal, but that was not the case. I got only 1-2 bars of signal and peaked at 3mb. I’m not knocking the service as if you get a good signal I have seen it clocked above 10mb. It was a huge hassle to cancel though. I spent a good 45 minutes being transferred from person to person. Each relentless on not letting you cancel. They even went as far as asking me to find a friend that may get a good signal and transferring the service to their name. When you chose the cancellation option you are actually transferred to someone that cannot close your account and is a middle man to try and talk you out of it. It says a lot to me of a company that is so desparate to keep you. It seems like they are in trouble and clinging on in a losing battle to LTE.

  4. Sandy says:

    Currently our business is using Comcast for our Internet needs, Tmobile for cellphone use with laptop access web access linked through the phones. We considered consolidating using Clear because in a personal use situation, I’d had very good opinions of the service. During the onset of the order, the costs stated on their website jumped slightly which I accepted, then as we started to complete the contract, they hit me with another $500.00 up front equipment costs and related additional other fee’s that would accrue. No thanks, starting a relationship like that only smells of trouble, so we’ll continue with our current solution until we find a company without hidden gotcha’s.

  5. Rex says:

    I understand Best Buy now offers Clear services and has a preinstall on Dell notebooks. Make me wonder if the preceived money issues have resided.

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