Category: Broadband Cards

Broadband cards are portable modems that send and receive mobile broadband when plugged into a laptop or netbook. They come in 3 forms: PC Cards, ExpressCards and USB cards. Each form factor has its own advantages and disadvantages

Find The Best Broadband Device

With 6 options to choose from, finding the best broadband device is like buying a new or used car. It boils down to your taste for style and functionality

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Cricket Broadband Cards

The 3 Cricket broadband cards available are the UM185C, the A600 and the EC1705. The A600 packs a microSD slot for 4GB of storage.

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Virgin Mobile Broadband Cards & AirCards

You’ve got two options for Virgin mobile broadband cards. The Ovation MC760 ($80) and the MiFi 2200 ($150). The beauty is that when you buy you own them outright without contracts.

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