AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband

AT&T Prepaid Mobile Broadband | 2011

If you’re interested in AT&T, check out the 2012 AT&T 4G Plans for the latest. This is a dated review.

Since last year, AT&T prepaid mobile broadband plans (marketed as DataConnect) have increased the amount of data at every tier to match Verizon‘s offering.


2011 AT&T DataConnect Plans

Like Verizon, when your data package is finished, your service will get disconnected. If you prefer throttling, take a look at Cricket or for higher data packages, Millenicom may be more your flavor.

What’s distinctly different about AT&T prepaid mobile broadband vs. every other carrier is this:

AT&T Unlimited WiFi for Prepaid Mobile Broadband

That’s quite the generous offering.

While $50 per month might be steep for only 1 GB to some, being able to supplement it with unlimited free WiFi at close to 30,000 hotspots can allow you a prepaid unlimited mobile broadband plan of sorts with AT&T if you’re willing to camp out at one of these locations.

In addition to this, AT&T doesn’t seem to have the restriction on 4G devices and thus 4G speeds on their prepaid mobile broadband plans. Naturally, this is a catch 22. The faster the speed is the faster your data package will be depleted.

Interested in AT&T prepaid mobile broadband?

You can buy sessions here.


Speed, Coverage & Devices

Being a AT&T product, it’s only natural that speed, coverage & devices directly mirror what’s available to postpaid customers.

See the following for more details:


AT&T 4G Speed


AT&T 4G Coverage




AT&T 4G AirCards, Broadband Cards & Mobile Hotspots



Looking for a Comparison?

Check out the Prepaid Mobile Broadband Comparison to see how they match up against the other prepaid mobile broadband carriers out there.


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