AT&T 4G Plans | 2012

AT&T 4G Data Plans | 2012

Postpaid, Prepaid and International Data Plans

To decide between the plethora of AT&T 4G data plans, you’ll need to slice it 2 ways:

  1. By postpaid, prepaid & international data plans
  2. By device types

The first category is pretty straightforward. The second? Not so much. For the purposes of this site and comparative simplicity, we’ll skip phones until a bit later and focus on:

  • Internet Devices (i.e. Computers, Mobile Hotspots & USB Modems)
  • Tablets



Computers, Mobile Hotspots & USB Modems | Snapshot

AT&T Data Plans | Computers, Mobile Hotspots & USB Modems

Data Source: AT&T

Key Insight:

  • Postpaid data costs $10/GB, prepaid costs $50/GB, while international data will run you an exorbitant ~$150/GB (when comparing the highest tier of each category).

It’s hard not to notice the glaring red middle finger being thrown your way by AT&T’s international data plan. It’s expensive…yet cheaper than previous years where you’d effectively pay $80 for 100 MB.


4G Tablet Plans | Snapshot

AT&T 4G Tablet Plans | Comparison

Data Source: AT&T

Key Insights:

  • Postpaid and prepaid 4G tablet data costs are identical at every level.
  • International data costs the same regardless of device.

With postpaid and prepaid 4G tablet data costs being identical at every level, why would you ever get postpaid?

Device discounts.

As most noticeable with smartphones, signing up for a 2 year contract shaves hundreds of dollars off device prices that rival mid-range laptops. You can expect the same with 4G tablets, though not as drastic a difference due to the rise of cheaper tablets flooding the market.


Postpaid 4G Data Plans | Details

AT&T 4G Data Plans | Postpaid

Source: AT&T

Key Insights:

  • Unlimited data plans live on but only for standard phones.
  • 5 GB costs $50 for every device with the exception of *standard phones.
  • Overage fees mirror the size and cost of each plan.

*While its understood that standard phones are basically any phone that’s not a smartphone, AT&T does not give a clear definition for this. Out of the 54 filters available on their website, none allow an explicit distinction.


Prepaid 4G Data Plans | Details
AT&T 4G Prepaid Data Plans | 2012

Data Source: AT&T

Key Insights:

  • Prepaid 4G data plans for tablets are significantly cheaper than other devices.
  • At the highest tier, prepaid data for tablets cost $10/GB vs. $50/GB for other internet devices.


International Data Plans | Details

AT&T International Data Plans

Key Insights:

  • Like before, international data costs the same regardless of device.


So What Type of Plan Should You Get?

It Depends on Your Device & Usage

For tablets:

  • Postpaid or Prepaid | Heavy, Moderate or Occasional Use
  • International | Light Usage

For computers, mobile hotspots and USB modems:

  • Postpaid | Heavy or Moderate Month-To-Month Use
  • Prepaid | Lighter Month-To-Month Or Occasional Use
  • International | Light Usage
This article is part of the 2012 AT&T 4G Review. Check out each section for a comprehensive look at AT&T 4G mobile broadband.
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