Is Clear 4G Coverage in your City?

Clear 4G Coverage

For the most recent info, see the 2011 Clear 4G Coverage Review

All this talk of a WiMAX tower being able to handle 70 Mbps is tasty gravy but means absolutely nothing if you’ve got zero coverage where you are.

Luckily, Clear is looking to remedy that problem with a rapid rollout of WiMAX 4G coverage well into 2011.

If Clear’s 4G coverage rollout is anything like Sprint’s rollout of EVDO Rev. A back in 2006, then prospects may be bright. At the time, Sprint planned for EVDO Rev. A in 21 markets.

If you fast forward to 2007 and check the history books they were able to pull off an impressive nationwide footprint.

If Clear (& Sprint with 51% controlling interest) can duplicate the success, the country will have nationwide 4G coverage in much the same way we now have 3G coverage. To put numbers behind hopes, the plan is to have 80 markets with 4G coverage by the end of 2010.


So “Where’s Tha Beef?”

We can talk about Clear coverage all day but it won’t mean a thing if you’re trying to get it now. With that being said, there’s two ways for you to check if you’ll have 4G coverage where you live, work and play.

The first is the obvious source: Clear Coverage Map that’s included below for your convenience.

Scroll to the right to plug in your address.

4G Clear Coverage Map does an excellent job of showcasing where coverage is and isn’t


But what if you’ve got the 4G+ unlimited plan with 3G and 4G coverage?

To figure that out, you’ve got to look to Clear’s biggest investor.

Sprint’s coverage map now shows locations where 4G coverage is available (in blue) in addition to 3G coverage (orange). If you’re considering a Clear 4G plan that includes 3G, this is the map to use. Click the picture below to hop to it. When you do, (be sure to Data, Email & Multimedia and the “Sprint Devices with 4G” tab is selected.

Sprint 4G Coverage

Between these two maps, you’ll know whether or not you’ve got 4G coverage or upcoming coverage in your area. Clicking above will take you to the Sprint 4G coverage map.


Is there any hope for International WiMAX Roaming?


With over 500 WiMAX deployments underway in about 145 countries, the existence of a roaming framework – helping to connect operators as well as WiMAX customers – is vital to advanced cross-market cooperation."

– Barry West, President of Clearwire International

The intention is there. We’ll have to watch and see what happens in the real world as dreams don’t always come true.


So How Do I Actually Get On The 4G Network?

Providing you know what 4G plan you want, you gave a thumbs up to the 3G vs. 4G speed test and you figured out that you can get Clear coverage, it’s about time we get to the fun stuff.


Next, WiMAX devices aka Clear 4G Gear.



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  1. Bill Smith says:

    I don’t like Clear and Sprint 4G in Ft. Worth TX. They don’t begin to live up to advertising. Coverage is poor and speeds are slow.  I bought two Clear USB modems in Jan of 2010 and returned them after a few weeks of testing in laptops in numerous locations in and around town. Despite knowing how bad service was I bought a Sprint EVO for the big screen the first day it was available in June of 2010. The 3g service is good enough for my needs, and I only turn on 4G for testing and an occasional laugh. It rarely measures up to the advertised 6Mbps, if it works at all. It doesn’t seem to be much better in Houston.

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